How are you today?

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Re: How are you today?

Odoslať  dzuli08 za Št 4 január 2018 - 18:33

Hi my dear fellows,
since to this topic was not written for a quite long time, I decided to contribute a little you already know, I am not teaching currently, so I have to practice a little bit my English. I have a feeling that it somehow evaporates from my mind, especially the vocabulary Very Happy It would be nice to hear from someone else in this topic. I wrote something in the Slovak section of How are you so I will not repeat everything. I may describe my day a bit.
So, today as everyday I had problems with waking up although I did not have to wake up so early, but you know, that´s simply me. I mentioned it to the doctor and she said that there are no such pills to help me with this Very Happy After waking up and getting dressed, I hurried to the bus station to catch the bus and it was LTT as we say in Slovak. In the bus of course, I had closed eyes, still not complely satisfied with the sleep. I think, that this thing concerning sleeping I have in common with Kimi Smile I arrived at BB about 9,30 so I had some time to skim through some shops and then I went to see my doctor. It seems everything is OK, no changes in medication, and another meeting in three I am happy.
I had lunch and then I got on the bus and returned back app. at 15,30.
Thank you for reading. Bye.
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